Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things I am thankful for......

( this particular moment. )

  1. This blog. Why? Because I am overwhelmed every post I read from c jane. Despite everything her family has been going through since this in August, despite the fact that she has an INFANT and is caring for three out of her sister's four kids, despite all of that and the day to day workings of her own life, she is optimistic, writes beautifully about her hopes/fears/memories/struggles/etc. She has such incredible FAITH in our Heavenly Father and his plans for her, her sister's family, and how they are all intertwined. They are able to daily surprise me with their unending strength, positivity, and love that I really really hope and pray that Shark Fin and I are able to emulate even a fraction of what they do.... that our little tribe grows up with as deep of connections to eachother as c jane and her sisters have, as all their kids have.
  2. It's finally FALL in Virginia. Thank goodness. It's my favourite season of the year, probably because to me, it's the time when the earth looks most like a rich oil painting. All the gorgeous deep colours, the full moons, the crisp breezes... not to mention pumpkins, apples and apple cider, corn stalks, hay rides, crunchy leaves under your feet. *sigh* BEAUTIFUL. (as a side note on the apples, I made this recipe from the September issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine and yes, it was just as tasty [and EASY!] as it sounds!).
  3. Our church and the relationships that continue to bloom there. I know I have struggled, complained even, often recently about living here in Virginia. So far away from the people and places I am familiar with (I would say we but Shark Fin has a way of just going with the flow that I both find annoying and am envious of), being pregnant with our first baby and missing them all terribly, feeling out of place still in the place we have lived for 2 years! Gah. It sucks, sometimes. But then, we have this amazing church - incredibly inspriring, passionate, ON FIRE - and we have so many people we know through church. They want to see us prosper, to see us thrive and do big things. They have faith in what we are capable of, even when we don't. They are always there, to pray with us and for us. I just have to make more of an effort to rely on them for the things they are so willing to provide for us - support, prayer, coversation even. I'm resolving to do that.
  4. Shark Fin. I know, how cliche.... but really, I couldn't have created a better husband, soulmate, life companion, keeper of my heart if I had tried. God really did make him just for me.

I think four is good for right now. :) What are YOU thankful for?