Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today is a good day.

The weather is finally Fall-ish, worthy of calling it Fall at least. My favourite season.
I have reconciled myself to what is to come with the toxicity I posted about previously. I am trying to be "less of me, more of God" and so far, it has brought me some of the peace I was hoping for. That is wonderful.
My hair is long and beautiful. The cooler weather is allowing me to fully appreciate it, without getting angry at how hot it makes me head. It is a lovely shade of honey brown. It flips in cute places and stays flat in others. It is soft and light and bouncy.
A blessing, a bright light, has popped up in terms of my job with the City. After so many prayers for peace of mind where our family finances and the impending arrival of this baby are concerned, I believe this is the answer we have been seeking. God has planted this seed in front of me/us, and now I/we have to make it grow. I am so thankful for it, so hopeful for it's possibilities, and praying now for wisdom, guidance, and favor as we progress. God is GOOD!
The baby in my tummy is happy and healthy. She is moving and bouncing and kicking all the time. She gets the hiccups a few times a week and loves to hear her daddy talk or sing or anything really. She likes to stick her feet out and let me rub them. She kicks the puppies when they rest their faces on my belly. We have our first baby class ("Baby Boot Camp") this Saturday and I am kind of nervous. I know it sounds silly, but the classes starting means we are really, really close to meeting our little girl and moving into the next phase of our lives: parenting.

Today is a good, no, a REALLY good day.