Friday, March 28, 2008

And so commences Meme day

A - Allison. That's my name.
B - Brunette, my natural hair color. It didn;t really see the light of day until these past couple years, but it is growing on me (not funny), so I keep it.
C - Christian, can't get around that.
D - Doggie owner, and I love my FURBABIES!!! Xeus and Lunabell are my pride and joy (well, they will have to share Baby Jethro in a few months), and I am overjoyed to have their happy little tails in my life!
E - Ecstatic, since we are expecting our first baby in November! (Here's hoping it's twins.)
F - Fashionista. I am happy to be one of those pathetic consumerist girls that purchases new items every season and wears them to death. :)
G - Girlfriend - I love to hang and dish with all my friends. (As a side note, I miss my close girlies terribly)
H - Hot, as in it's 80 degrees here today and it's 35 back in Michigan. Yay Virginia!
I - Inner-diva. I tend to be a little over-dramatic when it comes to things not going my way. It's sad, but a fact of reality I have come to embrace and accept.... no only if Shark Fin could do the same.
J - Jewelry. Coming from a family that owns two fine jewelry stores, I have more of it than I will ever wear. Also, I have a crap-ton of costume jewelry since I tend to over-accessorize. Hehe. :)
K - Kitchen Diva, something I never thought I'd say, but I really like cooking. A LOT. Cooking is fun! AND TASTY!
L - Laughs.... I. LOVE. TO. LAUGH!!!!!
M - Mamacita on the way.... scary, scary thought. I'm terrified.
N - Northerner. Gah, to be from Michigan, land of ice and sleet and generally nastiness for 6 months out of the year. And yet, to pine for my family to the extent I am considering moving back to the state (not to the nastiness of the Tri-Cities, mind you) after Shark Fin's time in the South is up. What a mess!
O - open to interpretation. I tend to ramble and can be selfish and complain and be sleepy a lot and really like material things, but I LOVE MY FAMILY more than anything. The rest, you can take how you want. I don't care.
P - praise-worthy.... at least I think so. :)
Q - Questionable, both towards myself and everything else. I am just curious person by nature. And I don't like rules for some things.
R - Redundant. I tend to say things I like a lot, to anyone who will listen, including myself.
S - Seeker of Truth, see C (and Q)
T - Truthful. I just don' like liars and (as hard as it may be sometimes), I try my darndest not to lie myself, not matter how much easier it will be. It's definitely a struggle for me, though, but one I am finally able to admit to to and address.
V - Vulnerable to depression, low self-image, etc. Dumb, but true.
W - Wonderful wife to the amazing, talented, and compassionate Shark Fin, my personal superhero. :)
X - X-pensive to maintain. Even with our budgeting trials and tribul;ations of present, I stil need a lot of food, and fun to survive. Just now, I was asking Shark Fin if we could re-institute my allowance. (It needs more convincing evidence)
Y - Young.... I'm only 24
Z - Zestfilled! What would life be without it?!