Monday, March 24, 2008


I got this neat little card with a quote on it from church this weekend. (I wish I had a scanner at work so I could show it to y'all!) Anyways, it's chocolate brown with this awesome silhouette of of a white, poofy dandelion on it, with some of the little pods being blown all around like there is some breeze only it can feel. It has this quote on it:

" We were born to manifest the glory of GOD that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in all of us. And when we let our own light
shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."
- MaryAnne Williamson
I love it.
In other news, this weekend was A-MAY-ZING in a big way. Shark Fin and I labeled it as the "Purge Party Weekend," which is basically a fun way of stating that we had a lot of junk that needed to be dealt with to a) get ready for Baby Jethro and b) because we don't need it at all and it should have probably never made the trip here from Michigan in the first place. It was quite successful. We took one truckload to the Salvation Army on Saturday and my Jeep is full with another to go sometime this week. We took probably 20 bags of stuff to the dumpster and have a few items to put on Craigslist, mostly appliances that we got as wedding gifts and never touched after I unboxed them. Whoops. Shark Fin's momma and poppa, The Monarchy, sent us a care package, which as usual, was incredibly generous and large. I will never be one of those girls that hates their in-laws. They are WONDERFUL..... and not just because they sent us the Horton stuffed elephant from Horton Hears a Who for Baby Jethro. :)
My momma, Short Stuff, wants to plan a trip out to see us for a weekend in May. My relationship with her can be slightly complicated at times, mostly due to the fact that I was (and am) an extremely strongwilled and hard-headed child. I stopped wanting to be parented at an early age, and I am big on forging my own way, mistakes & all. She says this is why I never learned to cook or sew properly or swim.... all because when she was willing and ready to teach me, I wasn't having it. Oops (this is why I still cannot swim and am terrified of drowning). I can, unfortunately, be abrasive at times, which although unintentional, can hurt Short Stuff's feelings, making our interactions even more complicated. The point is, now that I'm pregnant, I kind of miss my Short Stuff and when she asked, ever so gently, if I would mind her coming out in May (in addition to her already planned trip in September and my trip to Michigan the end of June), I honestly said, "I'd love to have you come." Who ever thought that would happen?! Must be the hormones.....
Shark Fin works late tonight, till 10 or so. Boo. I hate the late nights, mostly because of the exhaustion and the fact that even if I do take a nap when I get home, there is no human to play with even though I have energy again. (No offense to my furballs)
Back to the AMAZING weekend, though..... it was so good because Shark Fin and I really came together for a common goal. We worked hard, cleaned closets and cupboards out, deciding if any other crazy person could ever want this item, what we could donate and what should just be tossed. We made bologna sandwiches and blue lemonade kool-aid, reminisced about when we were youngins' in high school & college.... all that type of stuff. It was, well, to be honest it was just NICE. And Sunday was great, too. Something about Resurrection Sunday always makes me beam from ear to ear. Just celebrating and thanking God for how much he has doen for ME, his amazing grace, his love, his sheer belief in my abilities and dreams is always re-affirmed and solidified on Easter..... and my ham wasn't too bad either.
Ah, weekends.
The good ones alwasy end too fast.