Thursday, March 20, 2008

When I am Queen

There are certaing that just must happen when I am queen.

  • Everyone will work jobs they love. If at any point in time, they are no longer in love with their job or the place they are employed with that job, they may quit and move to a happier job/workplace with no repercussions or complaints.
  • Families will get mandatory 6 month paid family leave following the birth of any child.
  • Dinner will be a family event. Period.
  • Holidays will also be a family event. Each newly-married, or newly-babied family will get to have at least one major holiday at their home, by themselves, within the first year of said event, with no complaints from mother-in-laws or parents or grandparents.
  • Women will get one child/husband/boyfriend-free day each month, for gabbing and relaxing with girlfriends.
  • I will be able to bring far-away friends and family to where I am with the twitch of my nose. (I will also be able to send them back the same way)
  • Instead of looking for a parking space like a vulture, with a snap of my fingers, my car will fit in my pocket, no matter how crammed the backseat.
  • My children will take naps everyday. Period. One hour minimum.
  • I will have a fountain drink dispenser in my kitchen. Varieties will change weekly, with the exception of Cherry Coke & Lemonade Tea for me and Root Beer (ew!) for Shark Fin.
  • Pizza Hut Pizza, chinese food and mexican yummies will be calorie & fat-free, yet extremely tasty...... and delivered to my house at random. :)
  • Shark Fin will get long weekends once a month. He'll love that.
  • Housing in Hampton Roads will be affordable and come with large yards. Someone will by our condo (aka Alcatraz) one month after we list it. Happiness will ensue.
  • I will graduate from college with my Registered Nursing certification... in the next two years. *sigh*
  • Cheesecake will be a weekly occurance.
  • SpellCheck will automatically happen on anything I write.... even if no but me will see it.

There's more coming.....