Friday, March 14, 2008


I talked to my beloved Jess a few hours ago and she now knows all about the baby on the way.
All we need to do is verbally tell our young married group and then I can post it anywhere on the internet I want! Yay!
I think the things I am most worried about right now is our living and financial situation. We currently live in a condominium we own on the third floor. Normally, not so bad for a young married couple. We own it, for one, and it does have beautiful cathedral ceilings, laminate wood flooring in the living room, and lots of natural light, which I love. However, it IS on the third floor. And I am having a baby. Plus, we have two big dogs that I might have failed to mention....

Xeus (the brown boxer-lab mix)
& Lunabell (the brindle American Staffordshire Terrier)

We adopted Xeus about two months after we got married and Miss Lunabell in February 2007. Needless to say, not having a yard for them to run around in has made us much more active people (since they need a lot of walking and romping to calm down). Now that I am incubating a human baby, the need for more space has become even more apparent. I am more hellbent on it then Shark Fin, mostly because we cannot even consider purchasing another home until we sell this one. The housing market down here is awful right now, and being that it is a condominium with extra homeowner's association fees and it is on the third floor, it will take a specific type of person (ie. young married or professionally-minded couple with no kids, or a single person) to purchase it, anyways. We are dilligently working on a plan to eliminate the rest of our debt (from credit cards, car loans, and student loans) but even then, we are steadily spending about 60-70% of our monthly take-home income just to live. That needs to stop sometime soon if we are ever going to get out of this condo. No matter what, we will have to do 100% financing anyways, which, well, sucks. I am steadily devising a plan to shave off some of what we spend every month and with trading the Scion (although better on gas mileage) for the Jeep Cherokee, we already are saving about $40 per month. I'm going to start documenting my progress and setbacks in here, so I have something to base my success (and failure) on in writing.

In the meantime, as far as the housing situation is concerned, we are having our realtor come in to give us some tips on what areas we should invest and improve on to make our unit shine above the rest. I am going to call T-Mobile (our wireless provider) tonight and move us from MyFaves to mobile to mobile and from unlimited texting to 300 per line. That should save us a little more money.