Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Week 5

Here we are again, celebrating a lovely Tuesday. Today, Baby Jethro and I hit the 5 week mark. Yay for us.
I have registered on more pregnancy and baby informational sites in the lst few days than I ever thought possible. The newest one is called Parents Connect and it is a partnership site of the Nickelodeon conglomerate we know all children love. It looks like it is going to be a great site, but you can definitely tell that it is still in it's beginning stages. If you're on it, feel free to look me up. My screenname is LadybugBaby. :) (It's also connected to, the web's largest baby naming site.)
I am considering the name Scarlette again and Isabeau instead of Isabella ( I also like the name Francesca but Shark Fin has vetoed it until further notice). I happen to love the character of Scarlett O'Hara and Gone With The Wind in general, so giving a daughter such a strong, confident name seems appropriate. Convincing Shark Fin of that, however, may be a bit more complicated. Boy's names are causing me more issues, as it very hard to find names that both of us can agree on and that are unique enough for our tastes. As you can tell from my previous post about names, we like 'em a little weird. :) Funny thing is, boy names are the ones I should be searching for, since I am really hoping for a little boy this first time around. I know it sounds patriarchal, but I like the idea of starting our family our with a "big brother type." I was the oldest in my family and I inevitably adopted the attitude of "I need to fix everything" in my family, from my mom's breast cancer to my little brother's legal trouble and my dad's recent divorce. In boys, (like Shark Fin, who is the oldest in his family), I think there is a protection-vibe that goes along with this care and concern, enabling a boy to create a safe environment for their siblings but protect against the emotional turmoil associated with the bad events that I seem to be so prone to. Older girls only seem to cultivate the care, concern, and emotional distress (or empathy, but I seem to have the distress) over the bad situations. I'd like my family to have the "big brother" type to run to if they don't want to come directly to us. I also think that big brother is a stabilizing element in the family. (Of course, I may be totally wrong, but this is how I feel.) Anyways, I need more boy names.
I did find another interesting historical character that I'd like to share: Alice Roosevelt Longworth. She's pretty freakin' sweet.
Shark Fin had to fly late last night and when he climbed into bed at 1am this morning, he informed me that it is in our best (financial) interest for me to have my OB and prenatal care/birth at the Naval Hospital. Seems our insurance will cover more if I stick with a military doctor/facility, rather than try and go all civilian on them. Oh well. Let's hope I get a good doctor first time and don't have to switch because he's creepy. Darn it. I was really hoping for a girl... or a midwife.