Tuesday, March 11, 2008


hello, blogging world.
(that sounded dumb)

anyways, welcome to the inevitable, the expected, the delightfully deranged..... my blog.
my little slice of home on the web. i figured i should open this little baby up by explaining a little bit about my self and what brough me here (all of which will be available, once again, on my about me page in about five minutes). :)

my name is Ally and i live in the lovely state of virginia, about 10 minutes from the atlantic ocean.
(pleased to meet you)
i am originally from michigan, and moved here about two years ago after i got married (9/2/06) to my high school sweetheart, who will for blogging purposes be known as Shark Fin. he'll like that because he's a big goon. i am (unfortunately) a Navy wife. i love my husband and i love my country, but man, do i loathe the Navy. mostly because i feel it is not condusive to a family of any sort, but hey, that's for another post.
i am twenty-four years young and i love being in my twenties. to me, it truly is the time life gets started. i am the proud momma to two rescue puppies: Xeus, a boxer-lab mix, and Lunabell, an American Staffordshire Terrier. no human babies, yet, but you never know.
i recently discovered i love medical things, like blood and bones and medications, so after almost six years of lollygagging around, i am entering nursing school, in the fall of 2008. i used to have pink hair and a bunch of piercings, and i miss them a lot some days. i think i may get my nose re-pierced anyways. i love the Spanish language, green things, cheap yet chic fashion, and the Oprah magazine (unfortunately). i don't usually capitalize anything but my own name. i apologize if this bugs you. that's a me thing.
Life is good...... sometimes hard, sometimes rough..... but always, always good.