Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The most boring day ever

I officially think today is the most pointless day EVAH to be at work. It's 4:25 and really, I have only been here since about 11:30.... but OMG!!!! What a waste! I haven;t had to answer the phone to help parents or anyone, really, at all. I have just been sitting here at my desk, aimlessly crusing the interewebs, reading up on celebrity gossip and Rachael Ray recipes, watching the minutes click by ever so slowly. It sucks the big one.

I had enough time to call TriCare, oh lovely military insurance, and find out that my referral was fixed, AND I got to call and make my first appointment with the OB. April 18 at 9am. (That remins me, I must email my supervisor to tell them about that... right. Done.) Anyways, I am pretty flippin' excited about it and hoping & praying for everything to be on track.

To top it all off, it's 74 degress out, sunny and gorgeous.

I did have a nasty bout of "morning sickness" today which led me to a stop at the Walgreens on my way to work to get a large bottle of ginger ale. I made off with the ale, plus some 50% off Easter candy, some folic acid, and a lunchable. Apparently, the appetite had recovered.

Anyways, I hope Shark Fin makes something tastey for dinner.