Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pregnancy Shockwave, Day Two

Welcome, my friends, to day two of the pregnancy shockwave.

I think I am a little more accepting of it now.... especially since I lost a lot of sleep thinking about it last night. I have an appointment with Dr. Dawn, my current OB/GYN at noon, so I will get some more answers then, as well as the "do not eat/touch/do/go near" list. That will be interesting. I say "current" OB/GYN because I am getting mixed reviews about if she does OB or just GYN. Never having been in this situation before, I have no idea. If she doesn't do OB, though, I will be commencing The Great OB Search. Oh man. A lot of girls I am friends with have recently had babies or become pregnant, so I am sure I will get some excellent recommendations. I am just super-picky about my medical people and I hate having to re-interview new ones.

Based off the lovely due date predictor thing-y I found last night from a Google search, current estimated due date for Baby Jethro is November 18. A winter baby, just like me and Shark Fin.

More after the appointment. Keep your fingers crossed.